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The Village Hall remains shut due to COVID-19 but, following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 13th May, it seems the earliest we can expect to re-open is after 4th July – assuming we are all good people and don’t do anything to cause the virus to spread again!

We are assessing the use of the Hall to cope with expected conditions which will need to be applied when we are allowed to reopen and will be putting measures in place to minimise risks to users and volunteers. While the Management Committee will do all we can to ensure the safety of people using the Hall, it is likely that for some time to come, social distancing rules will remain in place and numbers of users will need to be reduced accordingly. A number of user groups are of a size which we hope will mean you can return without major changes but larger event meetings may have to be limited for some time yet.

It would be very helpful and welcome if groups and clubs who have used the Hall would contact us to discuss when they would like to return (some don’t meet over the summer) and how they expect to manage the national rules when using the Hall. We will do whatever we reasonably can to accommodate you and advise if changes need to be made to the facilities available.

Don’t despair, we will get there eventually. We will be looking at how we can get back to staging events – how about a Masked Ball?!

Richard Wood
Chairman, Alderholt Village Hall Management Committee